Pam Bonello | About
Every captured shot is a printed memory!

Since I can remember I have always loved photography. As a little girl I used to spend hours leafing through photos. As I grew older I started appreciating more what it involved to capture those shots. Today I carry my basic kit with me almost everywhere and make sure to capture as many moments as I can of my family, my travels and my country. Then again there's always a good excuse to be behind a lens.

When I am not behind my lens, I'm infront of my laptop processing images, browsing through photography blogs .. oh yes and working! I am a full time software developer working with a local software house in Malta. My job allows me to travel to the Caribbean islands, where my Nikon has always proven to be a perfect travelling companion!

The galleries on this website are a sample of my work. Most of the work on the galleries can be printed or downloaded. Feel free to leave comments on anything you find around here and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.